Visiting the Royal Palace of Caserta is a unique experience.

Surrounded by greatness with every architectural element, built by the will of the King of Naples Carlo di Borbone. En ager for a representative office in the government of the capital Naples and his realm, he wanted a palace to be built that could bear the comparison with that of Versailles.

The work was entrusted to the architect Luigi Vanvitelli with the request that it be made in addition to the park and the arrangement of the surrounding urban area. The new palace was to be a symbol of the new Bourbon state and to manifest power and grandeur.

The result did not disappoint the expectations, the grandiose complex boasts of 1200 rooms and 1742 windows and covers an area of about 47,000 m² whereas the park extends for 3 km that branch off into two long parallel avenues between which are interposed a series of charming fountains. Let's not forget the presence of the Italian garden and the English garden that complete the park and give its visitors an unforgettable image of beauty.

A note of curiosity: in 1861, with the birth of the Kingdom of Italy some Sabaudian officials censored the contents of the Reggia and the bidet was inventoried as follows: "strange object in the shape of a guitar".

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