Herculaneum, founded according to the legend by Ercole, was "hidden" by the eruption of Vesuvius of 79 from a dense mud that solidified into a soft tufa rock, which allowed its preservation over the years and has allowed the discovery of many historical artifacts through the excavations.

It all started in 1709 when a simple farmer, digging to create a well, came across marble and ancient columns.

Naturally, princes and kings who have come up in history took possession of the findings, embellishing their palaces that stood near the finds.

So much beauty attracted aristocracy in time, giving life to quantity and quality of buildings that has led to the calling it of the Golden Mile.

Today, having become a road that can be travelled by car, you can admire some of the villas built by famous architects, which have become places of cultural events, shows and concerts. They testify to what was one of the most flourishing periods of Herculaneum.

Of the archaeological excavations of Herculaneum, which have become UNESCO heritage, only four out of the twenty total hectares on which they originally were attract about 350,000 tourists a year.

The findings are surprisingly intact, you can admire villas, houses, religious buildings, statues, floors, fountains, mosaics, frescoes and also pieces of charred furniture, like beds and armed with inside glass vases, statuettes, lamps and even a necklace.

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